Sunday, 3 January 2016 review. Is it scam or legit?

Today I am going to share with you my recent experience with the writing service.
All the writing services claim to provide customers with the same benefits: plagiarism free paper, confidentiality guarantee, free revisions, 24/7 customer support. That's why it's quite difficult to guess the quality of the service. The only one way to check it, is a test drive! So lets start! I hope that my humble experience with this service will help you to decide if this site is what you've been looking for. When I googled this service I didn't find any reviews and feedback, so I started my own digging.

First impression

This is a prepaid service which means that you pay in advance, so I had to read all the legal pages carefully to be sure that I won't be scammed.
Despite the domain name of the service 'myadmissionsessay' it provides all the types of writing services, not only admissions: essays, articles, term papers, research papers, bibliography, dissertations, etc. It may also help you with the proofreading and editing.
My first impression was that the boy on the homepage is sooooo desperate that I have to help him with his homework asap lol. I decided to check if this grizzler has been handling his desperate head before and went to Web archive is a service that stores screenshots of 445 millions on pages and sites. This free service is my sword-arm, it's absolutely inevitable for such little investigations like this one. As far as I can see the design is quite new on this site. And it's much better than the previous one.

Prices and quality

The prices of MyAdmissions services starts at $9 per essay which is quite cheap, that's a good price, so I can make a testing order without extra expenses. Check the prices:

Unlike most of writing services MyAdmissionsEssay provides you with the 100% refund in some cases and 50% of refund if there is no writer for your free revision.
Today is the 18th of November and I ordered my testing paper to check the quality of this writing service. I a going to get it on 20th of November so I will update this post with the results!

Good luck for me ;)


For those, who's been waiting it on the 20th of November, a thousand apologies, I had an emergency and couldn't write earlier. I'll put in my best licks to fit the deadline in my future posts.
As for the ordered paper I decided to make a rate table with my comments and after that, I'll email with the paper itself by request (Skype me: top.lel25)

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Quality   Visit site

I've already mentioned about the Prices & Design on MyAdsmissionsEssay service, so I'll go right to the next items.

Support & Service - I didn't like that there is only 1 phone number on a page, and it's 1-888. So you have to use other ways to talk to support team. I've chosen to chat with the support and then I've got another surprise. You have to type in your name, email and department you have a question to. It's really inconvenient and annoying.
The average time of answers in chat is around 5-8 seconds. So they work pretty fast. And yes, it's really 24/7 (I've checked several times, there's always someone online).

Quality - I must say that I've got my paper right on-time (even a little bit before the deadline). Maybe, it's because my paper was 2-day-deadline order. I can hardly imagine how do they write the papers with three-hour-deadline. Maybe I should check it next time.
I checked the paper with the CopyScape service and YouPlug and it was unique - 100% originality.
As for the essay itself, I din't find any stylistic, spelling, punctuation or other mistakes. With my paper I've got several free pages: title page, and references page. Though, I would say that it wasn't an "A+" essay. It more looks like an "A-" or "B" essay. Well, what I've expecting for in a 9-dollar paper?

In my next posts I'll help you to find services that will grade your paper, so you'll know what mark will you get for your masterpiece, and will create a comparative table of different essay writing sites.

If you want me to check an essay writing service, Skype me: top.lel25. There are 2 rules you have to remember before asking:
1) the order should not cost more than $20 per paper
2) the service you choose wasn't reviewed on my blog before

Feel free to contact!