Friday, 1 January 2016

How to check if the essay writing service is legit?

During the last couple of years I've researched the question of determine legit services and scam services. I've noticed that more and more students become victims of fraudulent essay writing companies. In this article I gathered several markers that should work as a trigger for those who are going to pay for essays.

Scam Writing Services:

1. Create dozens of fake departments to make a victim think that this is a well-structured and high-organized company.  They usually take the structures of big companies and use such department as: Customer Support Department, Legal Issue Department, IT Department etc. In real life the whole service may be supported just by one person.

2. Create sites satellites that help their main site to get higher positions in and usually have positive reviews on the main site and negative reviews on competitors' brands. To check whether the review site is fake or note, just search for the feedback form and voting form. If you can leave the feedback under the brand this service is probably the real one. If your comment goes for moderation and never gets posted than this is a fake service.

3. Creates hundreds of clone-sites. You can check if the site is original or not by copy-pasting the unique phrase on the order page. Usually clone-sites use one order form. 

4. Uses fake likes and hares. Such services usually buy likes and shares on such services like fiverr. It's very simple to check if the likes are bought. Just go to the faceook page and check if the posts are liked and shared. Usually faken accounts have thousands on likes on the main page and zero shares and likes under the posts. You can also check if the accounts who liked are page are real or bots.

5. They use some odd-phrases like "progressive delivery", "10$" (not "$10"), and smiles like ":)" or ":D" while supporting. (and other gimmicks of scammers from Ukraine.)

6. Always check the site's age before ordering. Fake sites are usually younger than 12 month, because they are bought to several orders and than deactivate the site. Especially if you see that the service claims to write essays for sale 'since 2005' and the domain name is created on 2013. You can check the domain age here

7. They display different fake statistics of satisfied customers, written papers, ordered papers etc. You can check if the statistics is fake by entering the essay writing service's page at private browser. If the stats are different between the regular browser and private browser, they are fabricated. 

8. They use fake address. Write me and I will show you in private conversation how to check the IP of the writing service.

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